Graduate Program in Translational Biomedicine

The Postgraduate Program in Translational Biomedicine (BIOTRANS) is unique in the State of Rio de Janeiro, in which a private university (UNIGRANRIO) has joined the National Metrology Institute (INMETRO) and the State University Center Foundation of the West Zone (UEZO) creating a joint venture initiative focused on postgraduate studies of excellence and research in basic and applied sciences.

The program aims at one of the most important challenges of contemporary Science, that is, finding feasible means to overcome the lack of dialogue between researchers of Cellular and Molecular Biology and clinical researchers (doctors, dentists, nutritionists and physiotherapists), who are ahead of Health Care and working in geoeconomic areas characterized by great diversity.

In addition to fostering the formation of graduate students who master the content and praxis of Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics, BIOTRANS Graduate Program stimulates that his students be critical agents, but driven by social causes, overcoming any dichotomy between science and society.

Overall coordination
Sergian Vianna Cardozo
(21) 2672-7293 /