Master degree in dentistry

The master's degree program of UNIGRANRIO was created in 2000 and, since then, has been qualifying professionals for the Brazilian market requirement, with many graduates occupying prominent position in academic as well as technological scenery.

With the establishment of the post-graduate program, it was required the inclusion of new professors which has academic degree in the areas purposed by the program besides, technological and scientific production; acquisition of financial resources with government agencies; and in the activities of teaching in the UNIGRANRIO dental school as well.

Besides the raised funds by the professors, the institution invested in modern infrastructure for research. In nowadays, the biomaterials laboratory; the multidisciplinary laboratory in dental research (LAMP), the human genetic laboratory, and the dental clinic, has been given full support to the projects developed in the research lines of the master's degree program..

PhD degree in clinical and experimental dentistry

The PhD program in clinical and experimental dentistry (ODONTOCLINEX) offers areas in biological systems, dental materials, dental instruments as well as its indications, its techniques, and the relationship with the clinical and translational science. With this, the ODONTOCLINEX has been connecting the outcomes of laboratory research with clinical practice.


Overall Coordination
Flavio Rodrigues Ferreira Alves
(21) 2672 7292