The Graduate Program in Humanities, Culture and Arts (PPGHCA) is an interdisciplinary program of CAPES concept 4 (CAPES is the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel is a foundation linked to the Ministry of Education of Brazil), which offers academic master's and doctoral programs.

In 2008, Unigranrio created the master's degree in Modern Languages and Human Sciences. The program enabled training several masters’ professionals working in academia and in firms, encompassing various professional fields.

The Doctoral Program started in 2015. On this occasion, the program had its name changed to Humanities, Culture and Arts, in compliance with CAPES 'recommendation, as a way to highlight its broad interdisciplinary proposal.

The program includes the following areas of concentration in the master's degree: Discourse, Culture and Human Training and the following areas of concentration in the Doctoral Program of Modern Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, namely Urban Body, Historical Legacy, Legitimacy and Rights. Each of these two areas has three lines of research, which enable to create several interdisciplinary research groups and to conduct research in very diverse areas and themes.

The Graduate Program in Humanities, Culture and Arts currently has a teaching staff experienced in research and guidance at different levels (with varied backgrounds), encompassing Modern Languages, Education, Communication, Social Sciences, History and Economics.

PPGHCA professors work at different levels: undergraduate, specialization and MBA, master's and Doctoral Programs. Professors also guide undergraduate research, high school scientific initiation and undergraduate course completion dissertation (TCC), which allows a broad view of educational processes, as well as contributing to the professional training of students from different courses, such as Modern Languages, History, Pedagogy, Communication, Business Administration and Psychology.

Since its inception (2008), with the master's program, the PPGHCA - which at that time was called Modern Languages and Human Sciences, was conceived to having great relevance and outstanding social insertion in Baixada Fluminense and in Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area. This path was consolidated in the proposal submitted in 2014 to CAPES for the creation of the Doctoral Program, which started in 2015. Therefore, throughout its history, professors and students have researched issues related to the Baixada Fluminense and Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, seeking articulations and partnerships with research groups and local institutions.

The PPGHCA infrastructure includes study and guidance rooms (with computer access to different databases), allowing professors and students to develop their own research projects, as well as to serve their students and supervisors.

There is also an amphitheater/auditorium dedicated to the presentation of dissertations and theses, and small events conducted by the program. In addition, there is a multipurpose room for meetings, seminars, workshops, exchange meetings and partnership activities between program professors and guest professors.

For larger events, Unigranrio provides the resources of the central auditorium “Wilson Chagas de Araújo”, air-conditioned with capacity for approximately 180 people, equipped with a projection screen, sound system, multimedia projector and computers, which is reserved for scientific dissemination events. A mini-auditorium for theses presentations and small academic events, together with two auditoriums with infrastructure for movie projection and capacity for 120 and 195 people, also are part of the university infrastructure.

Overall coordination
Marcio Luiz Correa Vilaça
(21) +55212672-7289